The Roadster’s are coming!

The greatest roadster show in the world holds its 57th annual event.

One of the oldest car clubs in America just held their biggest event of the year… I’m referring to the L.A. Roadster car club, and what has been dubbed the “Greatest Roadster Show in the World”: The L.A. Roadster Show.

This 2 day event showcased the best in Pre 1936 roadsters and included pre-72 models as well and It took place this last Father’s Day weekend 2017 at the Pomona Fair Plex in Pomona California, which the L.A. Roadster Show has called home since the 80’s.

As I walked through the main gates I was greeted by the Swapmeet vendors setting up. As per usual, my instincts are to go see what I can get my hands on before the barrage of gearheads rushes in. I rummage around a couple of booths, but quickly remember why I’m there, Awesome rides await.

Walking through the grounds you are greeted left and right with awesome four-wheeled pieces of art, not to mention the vendors. All the greats are at this show… Flathead nirvana if you ask me. Intakes, heads, tires, wheels, chassis, even full reproduction metal bodies. You also find great memorabilia, clothing, and some great food. Famous hot dog stand Pink’s is one of the vendors at the show (great food).


If you are hard pressed to think “how many variations of the same style of car can there be?” you would be surprised. Builds range from traditional to full on chopped and everything in between. It’s a great sight! The creativity, and passion it has taken for each one of those roadsters to come to fruition. Seeing the comradery and the shared passion for these automotive sculptures is always great.


Sadly, my writing chops (or lack of) don’t do the show justice. Go ahead and check out the full picture gallery down below and if you’d like, the short video recap. We hope you guys like them, as always feel free to leave me your comments and suggestions for this page. They will be greatly appreciated!

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